Close your eyes and only focus on where you would be at your most peaceful state. What you would see, smell, taste, hear and feel. What about your most exhilarated state?

Is it the oceanic splendor of the Maldives and curling your toes in its white sand beaches; hearing O’Fortuna burst the seams of the elegant Teatro alla Scala in Milano; camel riding and star gazing in the Sahara desert;  jumping off a bridge in Bosnia…well…because it’s tradition; cycling through the rice fields of Hoi An Vietnam; getting tongue tied around a new language in Indonesia – Om Swasiastu!; ziplining through the  gibbon filled jungles of Laos; rock climbing seaside in Railay; surfing the sometimes tumultuous waves in Bali; flying through the skis of Sri Lanka; sailing on the seas of Portugal; galloping through the ocean on horseback; skinny dipping when there is not a soul in sight (or perhaps when there is) in the warm bath water seas of Thailand under a full moon?

Whatever it is you can imagine while those eyes of yours are closed, it’s here. My name is Suzanne DuBose and travelirvana.com is my travel blog.  Here, I will share with you how I made this possible, what I learned about how it is cheaper to travel the world than it is to have a mortgage and pay bills in your home town.

I will provide you with travel tips like where to stay, what to see, what apps to download on your phone, the right kind of luggage to purchase, what to pack, and many other things but, most importantly, that life IS the adventure.  As my father used to always say (and still does), there is no good or bad, there is no win or lose, it’s all about the journey…it’s all just another adventure.