Latvia: Day 2

Despite my desire otherwise to see the beautiful city of Riga it would have to wait as I had to work today. No work no play for this lawyer. Part of the “follow your dreams” deal. To accommodate for same, I merely extend my time in Riga by one day and the hotel kindly did so at the same deal I had for the first two nights.

I did, however, get to roam a bit in the night and run some important errands like a grocery store run where Red bulls are a mere 1€ and cigarettes a mere 3.50€ compared to $2.49 and $7.00 respectively in America which is always one of the nice things about traveling outside of the US – everything, if you’re smart and diligent, can be cheaper. Additionally, I purchased an international Latvian SIM card for 5€ for 2GB of data for 10 days. Yes you heard me right 5€. In America my AT&T bill for the month for one phone’s 1GB data is upwards of $130 so again cheaper here for same or better services.

Thursday night is happening in the city center. There’s drinking – and a lot of it – amongst the tourists and locals alike; there’s sports bars and cinema bars, music and dancing, a 50’s bar/restaurant called Moonshine that is extremely popular; and you can see beautiful (partially clothed) strippers dancing through the windows of one bar enticing the patrons to enter;  but the shopping here – unlike in other European cities – does shut down as early as 9:00 p.m. so my search for my amber bracelet will have to wait as well. Anyway, that’s all for now. From Latvia with Love.


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