Lithuania: Day 2

So there is still a little bit of a princess in me and as such today began with checking into a new spa hotel called Artis Centrum in Vilnius at twice the cost as last night but the staff earned every penny and the balcony and close proximity to central market, Cathedral and Gedimina Tower was a bonus. Vitalis (means virility and he looked like he had some and it felt like it too…just in the massage..ha!) from the Result Spa expertly massaged my sore back, body and feet – all of which does tend to get a little sore after lugging around luggage and walking approximately 10 or more miles a day sightseeing. And Asta did some landscaping. No matter who you are you probably want to know if it is feasible and affordable to spa and/or salon hop while traveling and the answer is yes. It’s cheaper too than in America. I usually pay $50 USD for a bikini wax – here it was 20€. Massage was 55€ for an hour Lithuanian massage which is on the high side. In fact, is the most expensive massage I’ve had in all my travels except Hvar Croatia. They usually run between $10USD in Asia to $45USD in Europe.

Following my morning of R&R I headed out to seethe sights. Trip through central market was all about food and shopping. Real potatoes on a stick, a new hat and some gifts for family before promenading around Cathedral Square, playing with children and a hike up to Gedimina to look at Vilnius from the old defensive fortress.

After drinks with 10 German guys at California Tapas Bar who offered me an invitation to play a not so charming or respectable game they called Stoneface (which I not so politely declined), I headed back to Artis to meet my British friend Connor (who I met on the way to Amsterdam in August) and who decided to join me for a few days for the remainder of my Lithuanian tour and the first part of my tour to Poland.

That’s it for now. From Lithuania with love.


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