Macedonia: Day 1

I drove from the Albanian side of Lake Orchid to the Macedonian side before heading to Skopje – the capital of Macedonia. There are a few must knows about Macedonia thus far. One  – it is speckled with interesting old cemeteries and steeples high in the mountains and throughout the small villages. Two – there are these concrete circular structures on both the Albanian and Macedonian sides that served as bunkers for look outs and fighting during the more violent times in the region which are now painted colorfully representative of today’s pacifism and peace. I saw one painted like a lady bug even. It was cute! Three – the mountains on the border on the Macedonian side should be the poster child for Autumn. The reds, yellows, oranges and greens speckled throughout the landscape were a Jackson Pollack of Autumn. Fourth – driving up, through and down Galičica mountain and the National Parks of Galičica and Mavrovo have points so high you are in the clouds. The visibility today was startlingly non-existant because of the fog and clouds. I couldn’t even see my hand on my out stretched arm it was so dense. It felt as though I drove right into a Stephen King novel or the Twilight Zone or my very own apocalyptic movie.
The good news is it is a fast trip to Skopje once you get to E-65. Smooth as can be and complete with tollways. Make sure you have Euro or Macedonian dinar for those tolls – thank goodness I had some Euro coins left over.
Upon arrival I ponied up for the very expensive Marriot in the center as the next day was going to be an all day work day. I hadn’t had one of those in awhile and couldn’t have issues with Internet, needed in room dining and a relaxing and comfortable place to work which is what I got. Food is cheap and good here so that helped balance the budget some – as did the all day work thing.
Was at least a cool fireworks show from my window and the KineNova Skopje Film Fest.
That’s all for now. From Skopje, Macedonia with love.


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