Poland: Day 3 (Kraków)

It is possible to see all of the Stare Miesto or old town of Kraków in one day. You can start at the Rynek Glowney Plaza and either take a golf cart tour or horse drawn carriage for approximately 25€ or you can walk. You can see Wawel Castle which has an interesting legend that one of the 7 chakra stones landed there when the deity Shiva flung the seven sacred stones across the earth. It is believed that the Wawel Chakra emanates powerful spiritual energy and therefore despite being forbidden to do so, many come here to place their hands or entire backs up against the northwest corner of Wawel’s Renaissance Wall in the courtyard in order to absorb some of the good vibes or energy thought to emanate from here. You can also hear the hejnal mariacki trumpet playing from one of the towers at St. Mary’s cathedral and at noon it is broadcast all over Poland on one of its radio stations. You should also eat polish sausage and potatoes and have a polish beer while standing in the central market followed by a little shopping. Plus, you can see Schindler’s factory and where the old Jewish ghetto was. Note that in the square there is a building that is 1,000 years old still standing because Kraków was, at the time of WWII, the Capitol of Poland and as such did not suffer the extensive damage that the surrounding areas and other cities suffered. You can also do a haunted house in the Lost Souls Alley but prepared to have the day lights scared out of you.
That’s it for now. From Poland with Love.


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