Serbia: Day 2 (Belgrade)

Let me start with this – I love Belgrade! Belgrade has all you hope for in a capital city and so much more. Great shopping and food on the famous pedestrian walking area of Knez Mihailova Street in the cultural center of the city where the night lit up like a firecracker with a phenomenal free concert playing both Serbian pop and New Age music as well as American favorites like Beyoncé, Usher, Drake, Rihanna and others and these Serbs killed it. And they do this every night in the city center. Locals and tourists alike dancing and socializing. I was wrong yesterday. Belgrade has absolutely won the award for the most surprising place to visit and has earned their reputation for a happening (and safe) nightlife in their square.

I also visited the Belgrade Fortress, went underground, saw the famous Victor Statue which interestingly was supposed to be erected in the center but because of the nudity it was erected at the Belgrade Fortress and is at the confluence of the Sava and Danube Rivers which is a breathtaking view that mustn’t be missed. Legend has it that Attila the Hun is buried under the Belgrade Fortress as well. The Kalemegdan Park is lovely with trees and flowers, a clock tower and is the home of the statue of the Memorial of Gratitude to France which serves as the stunning entrance into the Belgrade Fortress. Moreover, the Skadarlija area is happening too and is the more Bohemian side of Beograd a/k/a Belgrade.

After touring Belgrade, I would recommend staying closer to the city center in Stari Grad at Hotel Evropa or if you really want to go classy then Hotel Mockba (Moscow) rather than down the hill by the train and bus station. You will probably pay a premium for this but I think it’s worth it to be in that area.

Note that I managed to spend only about $3.00USD on 7 days and 1GB of data so I would have internet; $13.00USD on miscellaneous things like drinks and smokes for two days; $15.00USD on meals for two days; $80.00USD on two nights at the hotel; maybe $12USD on gifts for family; and only $20USD for my bus ride to Kosovo.  The dinar is about 100 RSD (dinar) to $1.00 USD so put away your financial worries and your wallets folks. This rockin’ city will host you for next to nothing.

That’s all for now. From Beldrade Serbia with lots of love!


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