São Paulo, Brazil: Day 1

The first day in a new country is always a bit tricky especially if you flew in from another part of the world to get there and especially if it is a huge city like São Paulo of 11.3 million people. Be good to yourself and take time to acclimate on every level including physically. Drink tons of water and get plenty of rest because jet lag can take hold and last through your vacation if you don’t conquer it immediately. So lots and lots and lots of water. Avoid alcohol in route and other things that further dehydrate you.  Also try and stay awake until it is the new time zone’s bedtime. Fit in a massage if you can to get the blood flowing in your body and the tension out of your muscles. It is much better to take a day off from the hustle and bustle of sight seeing and relax on day one so you can enjoy the remainder of your time traveling to the fullest extent.

Moreover, take an umbrella every where you go here because in São Paulo and other parts of Sude America the weather can change in the blink of an eye. In fact, the old adage “when it rains it pours” may have come from this continent!

On another note, Brazil is not cheap so far. A water, red bull and sandwich was 58,000 Real on Avenida Paulista which is $17 USD! The hotel for five nights in Jardins totaled $808 and the flight was outrageous at almost $1200.00. The taxi from airport was $150,000 Real. You only get 900 megabytes of data on your Brazilian SIM card for 70,000 Real. And the exchange rate was awful at GRU airport as it cost $25 to exchange $100USD so stay away from there.  Not that the ATMs are great either as each transaction is 30,000 Real. This place so far is a pocketbook burner. There has got to be a cheaper way so after the Grand Prix in São Paulo and after the helicopter ride and/or paraglide around the Christ Redeemer in Rio, I will set out to do this better and more cost effectively. The first part of that will be to get out of the big cities.

Something tells me however not to worry as it’s just another adventure.


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