São Paulo, Brazil: Day 3

America’s Sunday Funday is matched by Saturday Sambas at the Samba Bar followed by shopping in open outdoor markets with dining and live musica at the Benedito Calixto Square for antiques, jewelry, household furnishings and clothes not to mention Carnival masks and hair pieces (every girl should have a carnival mask from Brazil!) and then onto Municipal Market for food and spices. Pray for a day of sunshine in order to really enjoy it. And if there is some overcast and afternoon showers huddle up under the awnings at the various sidewalk bars or stay at Samba Bar and dance the day away surrounded by the locals and eating feijoado and, of course, make sure to people watch particularly here in Brazil as the Brazilians love the love! They are openly affectionate towards one another, holding hands, passionately embracing and kissing in the streets and indubitably dressed well with their “hearts on their sleeves”. I had to do a little research on why this because I love this about the Latin American culture. I learned that this is because Brazilians live in what is referred to as a collectivist culture. Emotion is a thing that exists outside oneself and is experienced by everyone. Emotions are believed to occur BETWEEN people rather than within an individual as is more common in North America and Europe. So never fear you will most definitely know what a Brazilian is thinking and feeling whether joy, love, anger or sadness. That kind of rawness, openness and honesty should be celebrated and frankly is a breath of fresh air but certainly can make the girly girl in me say “Oh I want some of that!” Guess I better keep my eye out for a hot and single Brazilian while I’m here.  Oh wait, then I couldn’t do what I am “emotional” about – traveling – so never mind.

That’s all for now. With love and samba and a little PDA from São Paulo Brazil.


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