Ciudad del Este, Paraguay: Day 1

So I was a little naughty today. I thought I would see what it is like to be an illegal alien. (Perhaps even give Trump a little something to think about…ha!)  As such, I trepidatiously hopped on a bus from Foz do Iguazu Brazil to Ciudad del Este Paraguay (Country No. 60) without getting a visa. Apparently it is the thing to do! Five reales and thirty minutes later I crossed the bridge into Paraguay for a little shopping spree as it is cheaper, duty free and…well….I got to be a little naughty. While in Paraguay, I purchased a much sought after traveler’s size drone for aerial videos for the blog for $150 USD. Less than 60 seconds later I was straddling a moto taxi and hurriedly headed back across the border into Brazil effortlessly attempting to avoid being noticed and that is where the real fun began! Let’s just say I got noticed. Here’s how:

Of course, for all my followers I wanted to record today’s misdeeds. Helmet on head, pack on my back, racing from Paraguay over the bridge to Brazil so far avoiding detection, when I realized I didn’t get my new GoPro Hero 5 out of my pack…a travesty!  So while on the back of the moto taxi, I retrieved the GoPro from my pack and went to extend the 3-way arm of my GoPro stick so I could video the illegal race to the other side. We were weaving in and out of the heavy border traffic when all of a sudden the top half of my GoPro stick flew off with my new $500 camera attached. And that’s when everything went into slow motion. You know how when something happens where what’s coming next is inevitable and it’s like a slow motion movie begins rolling? The camera flies into the air like a poorly thrown football, the words “oooohhhh shshshsh**********tttttt” take forever to roll off my tongue. I yelled “caaaaammmmmeeeerrrraaaaa” as I was already half dismounting the moving motorcycle. My driver screams “noooooooo…..peligrosooooooo”. I dart into oncoming traffic eyes firmly affixed on the GoPro lying defenseless in the middle of the road and hands waiving in the air signaling cars to stop. Despite clearly trying to stop, a Mack truck (no joke) rolled (in slow motion) directly over my prized possession. Flat as a pancake I was sure and along came the sigh heard around the world as this loca americana managed to completely halt traffic on probably one of the busiest bridges/border crossings there is, ducked under the now fully stopped Mack truck behind the left front tire right where I expected to find my shattered GoPro along with my shattered heart but instead found a completely intact GoPro that was still recording!!!!!! It got the whole thing on tape (or more accurately on SD card).

Suffice it to say, GoPro has earned its high marks for durability and, for that matter, has effectively managed to advertise without using puffery to induce your purchase. When GoPro said “it can take it” they weren’t messing around. Timex should hereafter loan GoPro its slogan. So thanks GoPro and now perhaps you can work on the mechanics of the GoPro 3-way Grip/Arm/Tripod stick! I love it but not sure how in less than a month the screw was stripped to a level that my camera almost became the victim of vehicular homicide. In any event, me and my GoPro are still two peas in a pod and will continue covering our around the world tour and in the words of The Turtles from way back in 1967, we will do so being so “happy together”. (And in the interim GoPro, we will send you the footage from the incident – not only from the camera itself but are trying to get the footage from the bridge camera as well! Should be hysterical to have both recordings.)

They have a saying in Brazil – “E engracado porque não é trágico” or “It’s funny because it isn’t tragic!”

That’s all for now. With love and a big ole’ whopping whoops from Paraguay/Brazil.


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