Managua, Nicaragua: Day 1

I was sitting on plane at gate in Managua waiting to disembark and add country no 63 to my list when I looked at the friendly young people next to me, looked back at my list, looked at the young people and back at list and realized holy smokes I left their country the Netherlands off my list!! So friends, family and followers, Bienvenido a la Nicaragua – COUNTRY NO. 64! (And yes in case you are wondering, I have read the articles about the first solo female to allegedly travel to all 196 countries before me and she did it in 18 months starting her sponsored journey at approximately the same time as I did. Do the math and then figure that perhaps I will be the first female to actually experience all 196 countries, their culture, history, sites, activities, etc. and of course actually connect with people!)


I met Amira, my roommate from the Antarctica expedition a/k/a Rooms at the gate to start our next adventure via our Suzuki 4×4 to the Monkey Hut at Laguna de Apoyo. Car rental from Dollar Rental Cars for $50 USD a day. At the Monkey Hut you can pay $66 a night or more for your own hut or $12 a night for the shared dorm. After a good night’s rest, let the adventures begin including burning lava, kayaking, volcano boarding, beach going, mountain climbing and inner tubing and much more!


Lots of love from Nicaragua!




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