Jiquilillo, Nicaragua: Day 4

Where the ocean water is warm and the shower water is cold. Where time simply disappears into the most gentle of summer breezes. Where the food is cheap and cooked with love by “Mommy” at a place that epitomizes its name – Rancho Tranquilo. Where the surf is up ALL the time. Where pot is a daily pastime and only interrupted by perhaps the rum and most definitely the surfing. Where the horses run free and the turtles run to the sea and where the cocks are huge – cock a doodle dos that is 😉

So how did we spend our last day in Jiquilillo? We braved the tumultuous Nicaraguan Sea. Wow is all I can say. I took the best beating Mother Nature had to offer at least for today and have the surfer tattoos to prove it even one on my arse! This is an amazing surfing destination. You are not inundated with tourists so you can have the sea to yourself just about and when Mother Nature settles down for a brief moment, the peace you gain sitting idly perched on your board while the sunsets in front of you is something to write home about. Story book kind of stuff and priced right.

All in all we spent a total of $84 per person for two days and two nights for everything from food to fun including massages and surf lessons and saving turtles. So if you need a short break, Americans especially, take that 3.5 hour flight from Houston for $354 each way and then you can splurge a little on the $14 massage or $30 to surf all day.

That’s all for now. Lots of love from a Nicaraguan ola.


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