Léon, Nicaragua: Day 5

Someone says second most dangerous thing you should do before you die and I say where do I sign up! Today we hiked to the top of Cierro Negro, an active volcano, 750 meters high just to throw all sanity to the wind and volcano board down. Record is 95kmph. Today our friend Jonas did it in 76 kmph but almost killed himself when he came off the board flipping at least 3 or 4 times. I did it in 54 kmph – the second fastest female time eating lava the whole way down. Not sure I will ever get it out of certain crevices of my body. Was it the craziest, scariest thing I’ve done to date? Yes! Absolutely. I volunteered to go first as I didn’t want the anxiety to build up too much. It’s a good thing to as if I would have seen the others wipe out it might have skewed my resolve. There was a moment however going down where I had to just let go and let what happens happen. If I had any advice it would be just let the board do what it’s going to do. If it gets too fast it gets too fast. If you try to slow down or stop that is a mistake and that’s when you get injured. It is the closest I’ve been to true faith because it is so scary and so fast (if you go as fast as I did) that all you have left is faith.

So what is the first most dangerous thing to do you ask? Pilot a fighter plane for one day in Russian airspace.  The cost of volcano boarding is $40. The cost of flying is $72,000 USD.

That’s all for now. Lots of love from lava land.


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