Little Corn Island, Nicaragua: Day 6

If you are in Nicaragua or plan to travel here, I beseech you to catch La Costeñas prop plane from Managua to Big Corn Island and take the ferry transfer over to Little Corn Island. You can book your flight online; however, you can save money if you book over the telephone. The warning re: booking over the telephone is that you may have to call 10 or more times like we did to get an agent on the phone as they don’t always answer the phone. Your perseverance, however, is well worth it though as the flight with taxes per person over the phone was $159USD round trip but online is closer to $200 per person plus taxes I believe. Taxi to port in Big Corn is less than a dollar. The ferry to Little Corn is an additional $5USD per person. Be sure to find accommodations in advance if you want the east beach bungalows at places like Elsa, Carlitos or Grace’s Cool Spot. Otherwise wing it as you will find cheap accommodations here around $8 to $15 per person per night or if you want to go with the more luxurious accommodations you will spend between $40-$80 for a place per night. We found a charming casita at Casa Iguana where the awesome Sasha and Jorget will take great care of you. You can choose from a dorm or private room and shared bathroom or private room and private bathroom. We negotiated a fair price on the latter.

Once you have sorted your accommodation, go into “town” and shop, eat, drink and relax. This a quiet place. It is remarkable in that there are no motorized vehicles on the island and be prepared for no electricity between 6:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. as they shut the generators down.

We luckily arrived on Taco Tuesday and headed up to the Lighthouse for fish, chicken and lobster tacos with the gorgeous French twins, Gary and Sulli, who organized us a snorkeling, fishing and barbecue excursion for tomorrow for a mere $35USD per person for a day out on the boat. The Lighthouse is charming and well built and is only 2 years old. Note that the Lighthouse is not a faro but is the name the twins gave their bar, restaurant and accommodations.

After stuffing ourselves full of these delectable little tacos, we headed to Tranquilo Bar and Restaurant owned by John to play a game of Pub Quiz with thirteen other teams. We were late unfortunately and as such had to join George’s team called the Sausage Fest but the name was the only unfortunate part about it because we tied for the win! My contribution? Knowing the book Pride and Prejudice as it is in my top five favorite books of all times. If I was wrong I had to buy the whole team a beer but I wasn’t. I suppose the tie breaker was also unfortunate because we got beat in the beer chugging contest as the Judge said our team member spilled beer. Strangely there wasn’t a drop of spillage on George’s shirt (you see he is a professional beer chugger) but the other guy’s shirt looked as though it was used as a mop to clean the entire bar floor. Bias towards the tourists is perhaps the reason that game was called so unfairly! So bring your cordoba as your team of tourists could walk away with enough money to pay for your holiday here!

All in all a fantastic day! Lots of love from Little Corn.


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