Little Corn, Nicaragua: Day 10


Amira and I canceled our flight back to Managua and set out today to make yesterday’s home office a more permanent set up. We are going to explore the island including seeing a 1/4 acre tract of land for sale by Dave and are going to meet up with Joanna  – the island’s closest thing to a real estate agent. We have already spoken to several ex pats regarding which Nica attorney we should use, title company, insurance company, contractors, labor and to discuss issues regarding electricity, water, internet, and other requisite services we all normally take for granted when we purchase a home in the first world countries.

Along with searching for acreage for sale in our off the beaten path tropical paradise, we did some swimming and sunbathing and lobster eating and coconut drinking at Yemaya Beach. Followed up by yoga at sunset at Funk Yoga with Jack – she is one of the most relaxing yoga instructors and this was by far the most relaxing yoga experiences in general that I’ve had in the world. The breeze from the Nica coast caressing you lovingly through each pose. What a rough day!!! And it’s not over yet. We were invited to Dorinia’s for a special 3 course meal at her home. You must make reservations in advance but it is a recommended dining experience when you come to the island. At $25 a person it was a little steep price wise but I’m glad we did it.  We ended our night at Desidiri’s over a highly charged game of gin rummy. Yes! Highly charged! DC, our favorite bartender, had to jokingly remind us it was a family establishment! Carolina from Sweden had beginners luck and kicked our everlasting arses!

That’s all for now. Lots of love from a little slice of heaven.


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