Little Corn, Nicaragua: Day 8 (Guest Blogger)

Seeing as Rooms has decided to take the day to work, I get to “take the mic” for the day! So..Goooood Morning Goood Morning, from our own little slice of paradise here on Little Corn Nicaragua. Last night we were woken up by rain in the middle of the night, sleeping under a tin roof is not conducive to a quiet night 🙂 Unfortunately, I think we’ll have to make up for it with a nap in a hammock or on the beach…the struggle is real!

So what to do with this day? A bit cloudy this morning and a balmy 25C, perfect weather for a run!

As I set off on my run it turns into a bit of a stop and go situation, after a total of 7 days on the island, I keep bumping into people I know, so I obviously have to stop for a quick chat with each of them, but hey, it’s a nice distraction from the actual running. So whilst I have run pretty much every day I have been on this island, I have essentially done the same route each time; past the port, in front of 3 Brothers, round to the east, turning off just before the Lighthouse, through the woods and out onto the east side beach and then back through the south trail. It is a beautiful route, but today I decide to mix it up a bit given that I am now starting out from Casa Iguanas and want to run along the beach as much as possible, so I head north, veer slightly inland at the kite shop but come back on the beach a bit further along. Then I hit rocks and no path so I head back inland, and now I am jumping and ducking, trying not to twist my ankle on the hundreds of coconuts, until eventually I find my way back to the path! Island life….LOVE IT!! On the way back I detour to the Bagel House, for a bacon, cream cheese, tomato and basil bagel (yes, such a thing exists on this island, freshly made each morning, by a very lovely lady, served in a leaf)!

Rooms Pic 2.jpg

Back to our little Casita for a quick rinse off! Rooms is supposedly going to spend the day doing some work, so I take my beach things and head to the north beach, which is my favorite beach on the island. It’s about a 45 minute walk (at island pace of course!) from where we are staying, but it is a lovely little walk through woods and past the baseball field (there is a game every Sunday apparently!). The beach at Yemaya is picture perfect! Turquoise waters, white sand, hammocks, a little beach bar playing mellow tunes and serving great food (last time I tried the Toña Battered Lobster, yum!). Great afternoon of doing very little!! On my way back from the beach, I bump into three of our friends that we had met at Jiquilillio, and Lo and behold, they have Rooms’ sweater!! I know she is gonna LOVE me!!

Our evening is about food, great company and new challenges! We have dinner at a little place off the port; Bridget’s, for some yummy garlic lobster, accompanied by our beloved Swedish couple, August and Karolina, it was a dinner filled with laughter and funny stories! Then off for some karaoke!! Now personally I do not do karaoke, because I know no one wants to hear me sing, but I was looking  forward to watching and hearing the others! The person that blew me away was a 12 yr old girl who stepped up on stage and wooed us with Aladdin’s “A whole New World”.



But wait it gets better!!!! So, Rooms had been pretty adamant that she doesn’t do Karaoke, but guess what?! The woman took the “bull by the horn” and accompanied by two other men, shook off her fear did a fabulous rendition of La Bamba. I am so proud of her!!!!



Signing off as the first guest blogger – Amira Hilmy.



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