San Salvador, El Salvador: Day 1


So I ran into a bit of financial trouble and yet another court appearance for one of my cases was scheduled in Houston for 4/21 so the Africa trip is postponed for a month or so. This may seem like an inconvenience but it’s not…. it’s just another adventure! As I haven’t finished Central America and I have no money I thought I would try a trip on a real budget! I see this as an opportunity to learn and an opportunity to teach. So those of you close by (Americans and particularly Texans) who only have a few days or a week or maybe 2 for travel and/or not a lot of money to spend traveling, LISTEN UP! I have another solution for you in addition to Nicaragua and that’s El Salvador and perhaps Honduras (we shall see next week). It’s a quick non-stop 3 hour flight from Houston on United for $254USD and that was with a mere 3 days notice. Ironically I was upgraded to first class for free. Not a bad start if I do say so myself. I paid $28 for taxi with my new friend Pedro into San Salvador central, picked up some Marlboro Reds for $3.60 a pack and of course Redbull for $1.70 each on the way to my $11/night bed at La Zona Hostel and get this they accept US Dollar everywhere. In fact, it was 2001 when El Salvador attempted to stabilize their economy and inflation by adopting our currency. It hasn’t worked as well here as in countries like Ecuador but for us budget travelers that’s okay as we can afford to visit thereby pumping money into the economy – probably not quite a win-win situation but the more tourists who visit a country the better the economy plain and simple. And the dollarization sure makes things easier when traveling here! Anytime there is less math involved I consider it easier 🙂 If I could do math, I probably wouldn’t be a lawyer. In fact, if I could sing, dance, paint, act or do math, I probably wouldn’t be a lawyer.


So a total of $326USD in for day one and night one which includes the $10 visa you pay at immigration at the airport, I’m now looking to see what adventures I can cook up on a budget for tomorrow after I visit this city. Hint: it’s a full moon tomorrow and the last one El Salvador will likely see until November given monsoon season is upon them come May or in the words of Ewan McGregor “Come What May”.

I end my evening relaxing on the patio at La Zona Hostel with my own cat’s look alike, a couple of love birds in a hammock who make me miss love and my new friends Alex and Jose telling me everything I need to know about El Salvador.


That’s all for now with love and a non-stop yawn from El Salvador.


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