San Salvador, El Salvador: Day 2

If the bed is a rockin don’t come a knockin!!! The bunk bed I stayed in at La Zona Hostel last night is actually what needed some screwing so get your heads out of the gutter folks. Truly thought before the night was out I was going to end up in the bed of a man I had never met before and yes that would have been a first. Problem with dropping in on somebody like that is at this point they are probably lifeless given the weight of the bunk bed so what good are they to you 😉

On another note, if the ground is a shakin it might be the earth quakin. Yes! I experienced my first real earthquake today too in San Salvador. There was loud rumbling and boom sounds, a strong continuous tremor,  the walls vibrated, things fell to the floor and it lasted less than 8 seconds approximately.  Not sure why everyone ran inside rather than outside except we all looked at each other and said WHAT was that? The Salvadorians while used to it have indicated it is time to pray and repent for our sins in order to ensure the “big one” doesn’t come. This is particularly important this week as it is Holy Week here and the only vacation I’m told the typical Salvadorian gets in a year.



After a quick and uneventful walk (except for the $.50 pupusas I ate from a street vendor as it is the traditional food of El Salvador) through Centro Historico to see Palacio Nacional and Catedral Metropolitana and the market, I caught my first chicken bus for $1.00USD to Santa Ana and while I saw chickens on the road none of them came inside! So disappointed. It was a lovely drive and probably the best part of today but, yet again, I learned I barely escaped a bit of danger and delay. Following the quake I felt earlier, there was another moderate one that I’m told caused boulders to fall and block the road to San Salvador. They fell after my bus passed through so I arrived with no problems at Casa Floraz where Nica and Francisco treated me like a guest in their home with crepes, advice, kindness, etc. And what a hostel/home it was and for a mere $11 USD/night. Nothing to write home about on the outside but wow on the inside with gardens, vaulted ceilings near the stairs and stain glass windows in the ceiling. Just a lovely hostel and lovely people and oh so lovely crepes.


I also met my new friend, Eric, who is American but teaches 5th grade English around the world and currently resides in Columbia. Tomorrow we will set out on an adventure to Santa Ana Volcano. Let’s see whether the volcanoes will shake for me a little too 🙂

That’s all for now with a reminder to “shake what your momma gave ya” from country 67 – El Salvador.


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