El Tunco, El Salvador: Day 7

The narrow streets that curve their way through this little surfer haven were filled to the rim with Salvadorians letting loose some year long steam before heading back tomorrow to their real lives. Semana Santa has almost come to an end. Prayer and worship were nowhere to be found only cerveza, coconuts, swimsuits, surfboards and a fever that was borderline intoxicating.

I don’t know that I would recommend El Salvador to everyone. For backpackers and surfers and historians and seismologists yes and most definitely those who must travel on a tight budget as it is a great week long vacation spot and can be done for less than $1,000 and significantly less than that if you ride the chicken buses rather than rent cars or take taxis i.e. $750 and that’s with airplane tickets. So for a good time for almost nothing this is the place to come.

That’s all from El Salvador. Talk to you next from Honduras!


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