Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas

Visiting some of my family for a few days this past week and took the opportunity to get some pointers from my Papa like what the heck is aperture, bokah and f-stop. Turns out the last one didn’t mean what I thought 😉 I did this, in part, to bring the world’s beauty to you just a little more beautifully.  I share with you here the result of some of my Papa’s teaching.

That’s all for now from Dallas Texas. Thanks Papa!



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  1. Marc Christensen 2 years ago

    We had lots of fun. Love you. Papa.

  2. atomsofthought 2 years ago

    Great photos! I lived in Dallas for about five years and grew to love it–originally from Austin. 🙂

      1. atomsofthought 2 years ago

        Thank you! I love both of those cities–I live in the midwest now, which I’ve come to love, but I miss my home state.