Copan Ruinas, Honduras: Day 5


Today I learned I get to extend my stay in Honduras and make my way to Guatemala and perhaps even Belize as my hearing set for tomorrow was passed and reset for May 5th. As such, I took a flight from Roatan to San Pedro Sula for $73USD, a taxi to the Gran Bus Terminal for 240 lems (aka lempira) or $10USD after a massive fight as I knew it only cost $8-10 and they wanted $45 and I had just had it with this crap. They gave in saying tranquilo, tranquilo. Usually, I don’t negotiate as much as I should but I’m low on funds and they were really trying to shake me down instead of just trying to get a little more from the gringa per usual 😉  Don’t be me…NEGOTIATE. Don’t be most travelers…Negotiate but only A LITTLE. In other words, don’t ruin your interaction with people and know that the extra few dollars means little to us and can save lives in the rest of the world.  But when they want more than four times the price, get your guns up as THAT is ridiculous and frankly quite offensive.

Anyway, I then took the short bus (short in length is what I mean although arguably I belonged on the “short” bus given the lack of a/c or suspension for such a long drive on a potholed covered road and on a hot and sweaty Honduran day…Ha!). For an economic ride, take Casalosa who will deliver you straight to the plaza in Copan Ruinas for 140 lem or $5USD. Gustavo and Rene from Casalosa were very helpful and kind and I met the most precious four year old boy named Fernando who told me it was his birthday and offered me a piece of his own chewing gum…how cool is that! The bus took 4 hours and was a tight sweaty squeeze but I felt like I was back in my element hanging with the locals leaving my kind behind in Roatan.


When I arrived I found myself in the Ravello of Honduras with its charming stone streets nestled high in the mountains with a small plaza in the center and filled with gracious locals and colorful little shops and just a few kilometers from the Copan Mayan ruins which are the only ruins that I’m told actually have Mayan writings in the stone and is where we learned directly from them their history in lieu of just guessing from artifacts found centuries later by archaeologists or, in the case of Joya de Cerren in El Salvador, bulldozers 😉

I am staying at Via Via where Sinda suggested I stay. Here you have a delightful garden and the pleasant Hector and for only $10/night you get your own private room and bathroom with hot water and wifi. Plus, the Redbull and Marlboro Reds are only 45 lem or $1.90/each on mainland Honduras and the internet/data is a mere 100 lems for the week or $4USD and you can recharge your broadband stick for your computer or tv or your phone at pretty much any store you walk into.  Now if these prices and the history we are about to dive into this week aren’t a good enough reason to get out of a Roatan resort who knows what is. But, just to let you know, you can also take Hedman Alas bus from San Pedro Sula for $24 (or $36 for first class) and you will be a great deal more comfortable if you aren’t ready for four hours on the equivalent of a chicken bus. Taking Hedman Alas luxury buses are recommended for longer trips like the one I’m taking to Antigua in Guatemala.

That’s all for now from the garden of Via Via in Copan Ruinas, Honduras.


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