Copan Ruinas, Honduras: Day 6


Today is to be a mix between a work day and a lazy day. How can one do that you ask? Answer: do your work in a garden at a blissful little hotel in another country while sipping on a strawberry banana smoothie before taking a nap in the middle of the heat of the day and then get back to finishing up your work.

Unfortunately, your plans don’t always come to fruition in the manner in which you foresee they will. For me, the day I planned to have a work day before heading to Guatemala is the one day there is no electricity or water in this sleepy little village. Turns out that due to some work somewhere that needs to be done on something, the village’s electricity and water have been shut down for the entire day so no shower, no fans or a/c, no cold drinks and no internet so no work. But nap? Yes. Most definitely.

You can also still do a ton of activities here like hiking or horseback riding to the ceremonial site of the Mayans to meet a real shaman, go to Macaw Mountain for bird watching, photograph the ruins, take a canopy tour i.e. see Honduras from a zip line or get a relaxing full body massage. Life is tough without electricity and water 😉 No worries as to not getting a shower after one or more of these activities as I’m told the water will be back on later tonight.

I ate, drank, worked, read a book and slept. It was a leisurely day. I was however convinced by a Dutch couple to stay an extra day so I could experience the Jaguar hot springs tomorrow which is alleged to be a medicinal adventure in the mountains of Honduras and a must do.

I wish I could say I was serenaded to sleep by Latin American music but it was a happening Friday night and Via Via is next door to Sky Bar so if you are in to hanging out with locals, dancing and drinking rum until 2:00 a.m., you will love being here on the weekend. If you are not up for the party, stay somewhere else on the weekends not Via Via or do what I did, keep your phone by you and your Shazam app open as you are most definitely about to expand your playlist as the music here is outstanding and the first town and country I have visited that play their own music instead of American music. I’m in love with it.

That’s all for now from my much appreciated lazy day in Copan.



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