Antigua, Guatemala: Day 1


If you like colonial architecture, cobblestone streets, shopping, churches and more shopping, Antigua is the place for you. Mix that with the smell of popcorn 18194843_10154536078097514_4079574006332345231_nwalking the streets, a McDonalds, Dominos and a Little Caesers and you will feel right at home. You can sweep through this little colony quickly on foot as it is easy to explore. You will see the lovely Central Park, the well preserved colorful little colonial one story houses and businesses and the locals selling drinks out of plastic bags and balancing their many trinkets on their heads.

I myself heard a lovely few female voices belonging to a Guatemalan girl band and stuck my head in for a bite to eat. The menu was placed in front of me and low and behold it said Texas BBQ. On the TV (first one I’ve seen on this leg of the trip) was none other than the Houston Rockets at Toyota Center in the NBA playoffs. Looks like I came a long way to end back up In Texas!

But don’t do what I did while in Antigua and search “must dos” in Antigua on Google and then begin searching for what you read about. If you do, you could end up searching for Devil’s Bridge like I did which is where you can test the waters and I mean literally and stand on the slippery limestone and brace for a blast from one of the blow holes the bridge is known for. This is because you may find yourself searching your way through another country!! There is more than one Antigua in the world and Devil’s Bridge is not here in Guatemala. I had a good laugh at myself though which made it all worth it. Remember it’s just another adventure!


What I would recommend is the hike up Acatenango Volcano and camp over night on the top and wake up to the unbelievable site of the VERY active stratovolcano Volcano Fuego with its constant emission of smoke filling the blue skies of Guatemala. The photos here were taken by my new German friend, Carla Rohde.

Just a quick rundown on costs here so you can compare to other Central American countries. 4 RedBulls and 2 packs of cigarettes cost 140 quetezal or almost $20USD and dinner was $8USD and the shuttle to Lago de Atitlan was $10USD and for two meals, drinks and two night stays at Antigua Hostel I paid $40USD so in tourist central you are going to pay a bit more for things than you would in non-touristy areas but that is to be expected. I’m on a budget from here on out and am going to try to spend less than $40/day if not less. Will keep you posted on whether this is possible!

That’s all for now from the eruptions of colorful colonial houses and active volcanoes a la Guatemala.


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