San Marcos, Guatemala: Day 3



Because it was a holiday in Guatemala, there were these incredible Mayan masqued parades and everyone was dressed the part! Music and magic and masques decorated the streets of San Pedro and in San Marcos but to a lesser extent. Carla got some amazing photographs – some of the best I’ve seen – and she agreed to share them with all of you.


Franziska and Carla and I also hiked through the Yoga Forest up to the caves the Mayans/Guatemalans hid in during the wars. The scenery was lovely and it was the closest I came to feeling the spirits of the Mayan ancestors in all of Guatemala. And it was great to see the locals in their traditional garb and not because there were tourists around but because this is what they wear. Haven’t seen that since Southeast Asia I don’t think.


Following this we had street food i.e. authentic Guatemalan tacos for 5 quetzales each. It is astonishing how much better the food tastes when it is cooked by a street vendor right in front of you and costs less than $1 USD!


We also enjoyed the sauna at Hostel De Lago before I decided to buy into a poker game. Never invite a Texas girl to a Texas Holdem game! I mean what did you think was going to happen 😉

That’s all for now from San Marcos, San Pedro and the vast and beautiful Lago de Atitlan.



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