Semuc Champey, Guatemala: Day 5


If you have that little devil inside of you whose thirst for adrenaline and adventure must be quenched, then today is a day for you

If you have an incessant little angel inside of you, seeking tranquility, beauty and perhaps some rest for your body, mind and soul then today is a day for you.

If you have both, well lucky you because this will be one of your favorite travel days ever. It is in the top five for me!


I awoke to the sound of birds singing and a glorious sunrise from my outdoor bunk bed at Utopia in the mountains of Semuc Champey, Guatemala.  Had breakfast overlooking none other than the epitome of tranquility. The theme, however, for the day was “Uno, dos, tres” as I must have repeated these 3 words today more than ever prior to jump uno, jump dos, jump tres and so on and by the end of the day I wasn’t certain whether today ranked uno, dos or tres in the best days of my journey thus far.  Indiana Jones himself would have been jealous.


We (Sam, Stephanie, Suzy, Clemence, Tomas and I) started with a 45 minute hike to Maria’s restaurant for none other than a swing from a platform to flying in the air and jumping into the river – Jump Uno. Suzy and I then proceeded to enter -with nothing other than a candle – a cave where we swam and climbed in pitch blackness. Jump Dos at the end of the cave, while scary, had nothing on Jump Tres because in Jump 2 our guide lit up the pool of blackness below with a headlamp while at Jump 3 (which was several meters higher) he decided to go first leaving me to jump with no light whatsoever. In a situation like this all you’ve got is one way down and the courage to murmur uno, dos, tres before following suit 😉 Do this. No matter what. There is nothing in this world more liberating. Jump Cuatro was the seated swing outside the cave. Again, uno, dos, tres and swing, jump, fly.


We went from high flying adventure to rest and relaxation in the radiance of the cerulean infinity pools before tubing through the sometimes calm and sometimes raging rapids and ended our ride right at the door of Utopia.


Utopia is the perfect name for this hostel and even more perfect name for Semuc Champey. The 12 or more hours to get there and out of there was worth it. As I said, today is one of my favorite days of travel after 15 months and 69 countries which is saying an awful lot.

That’s all for now with a “DON’T SKIP SEMUC!” reverberating throughout my entire body.




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