Caye Caulker, Belize: Day 1

At 4:00 a.m., I took the bus for 150 quetzales from Flores to Belize City and for another 150 the Belize ferry to Caye Caulker (pronounced Key Caulker I learned at the border) where the carribean waters of cerulean blue and turquoise are Unbelizeable! There are 3 roads on the island – Front Road, Back Road and you guessed it Middle Road. Golf carts and bicycles and feet are your forms of transportation. And where do you want to go in this heat? Straight to the ocean. Here in the center of the island there is infrastructure but few trees unlike Little Corn, Nicaragua so be prepared to roast.  In fact, my last sunburn abroad was my first one. What I mean is when I started my journey 15 months ago in Sri Lanka, my skin burned something awful as it was my first time out there in coastal towns and on beaches in a very long time but in Belize my already dark skin after 15 months of traveling burned yet again! That’s how hot the sun is in Belize.


After settling in at Juan in a Million Hostel, I went to Auntie’s Restaurant for pollo y arroz that will knock your socks off assuming you were wearing them which, of course, you would never do in this sweltering heat. (Nothing like Huay, Vietnam though. In Huay, I was sopping wet within 5 mins of leaving my hotel room and I asked the girl at the hotel – What is the temperature? She said in perfect English “It is unseasonably hot today. It’s 48 degrees Celsius.” I asked her what is it normally this time of year and she said 46! After I picked myself up off the floor, I eventually stopped laughing at her nonchalance about 46-48 degree weather! (Celsius that is!)

After a quick (and free) short boat ride to Cocoa Beach – the best beach in Caye Caulker – and a refreshing swim in the ocean, I returned to my hostel (only 25 quetzales a night by the way) and there I met one of my favorite couples of all time – Ebba and Johannes from Sweden. Interestingly my other 3 favorite couples in my travels are from the same area! One from Sweden, one from Finland and one from the Netherlands. Not to take away from my other new friends in Belize – Morton from Denmark and Laura and Miles from the U.K.

We all went out to Auntie’s again for dinner as it was THAT great and then went to the sports bar on Front Street  to hear the drummers play live and to learn how to punta. Punta you ask? Oh yeah. It is very popular both on mainland Central America and the Creoles love it on the islands. As foolish as I looked doing it, it was a blast. The whole night was but largely because of the non-stop laughter and story telling. Ebba and Johannesburg (that’s what I call him) gave me the perfect itinerary for my trip to Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. I gave Johannesburg the trick to winning Ebba over if she ever got mad at him 😉 I told him to whisper the name of the capital city in Honduras – Tegucigalpa – in her ear. If you don’t believe me, just try it on your significant other! It is a very sexy word and it totally worked on me 😉

That’s all for now from Unbelizeable!



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