Koblenz, Germany (Day 3)

Once Shaun was done with work for the week, we caught a train to Koblenz as next is what is commonly referred to as a “romantic cruise” down the Rhine River and Koblenz is where the Mosel River and the Rhine River meet. We stayed at a wildly different yet fantastically comfortable hotel called the Conti in Koblenz (photo below from their website; featured photo from “Europe Up Close”).


After we dropped our bags off we headed out for a lazy 3 km walk to the docks talking about everything you can imagine and laughing all the way hahaha. I say things like “I knew I had you in the mud baths at Jaguar Hot Springs in Copan, Honduras. When did you know you had me?” And he retorts “When we were having [you know what].” Men are from Mars and women are from where???


When we arrived we saw the gondola that transports passengers up to the old fortress and stumbled upon a music and wine festival where I got the opportunity to once again attend a silent disco like the one in Gili Trawangan, Indonesia last year. I love them and it was Shaun’s first time. (It is such a treat to see someone react to a new experience isn’t it? It’s as if you are living through your first time all over again.)


But this was not before we had one of the better meals I’ve had on my journey at a Greek restaurant nearby the port called Poseidon (try the white beans…whoa…awesome) but made even more memorable because of the company and I don’t mean Shaun this time believe it or not! I mean the wait staff (like Saki) who were so full of life that it rubbed off on us and reminded me why God sent me on this journey: to connect with the world and meet people like Saki who fill me with joy and peace and so I could be that spirited beacon of light for others as well.

On our late night walk back home to the Conti, it got a little chilly and I tucked my little body up under Shaun’s masculine arm and shoulder and felt safe and even cherished and I can assure you that it has been a very long time since I felt that way. And that night, I fell asleep in that same nook. It was nice like I belonged there.  Whether I did or not given my lifestyle design, among other things, was a question that would go without answer particularly on this night.  The reason is that, while I don’t often feel lonely being a solo traveler as I’m surrounded by new and interesting people and experiences all the time, when you have a moment like this, it can kick start a number of thoughts and emotions and since I have 126 countries left to go, that is a sleeping dog I should  probably let lie.

That’s all for now feeling cherished by, among other things, Germany itself.


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