The Rhine, Germany (Day 4)


There is no other way to characterize a river cruise down the Rhine than to call it picturesque. It’s gentle beauty is magical. I felt once again as though I had been propelled into the middle of a fairy tale. The landscape was speckled with castles and vineyards and “gingerbread” – like houses and fear of missing any of it persuades you to stay awake whilst the sway of the boat and the sound of passing locomotives lulls you into a somnolent state.   I carefully weigh my options: sit across from Shaun so I can see his adorable and quirky facial expressions or next to him so I can entangle my fingers in his. It’s a difficult choice and as such I meander back and forth between the two. My mind silent for the first time in as long as I can remember except for the occasional thought – is it possible to have fallen in love so soon? Answer unknown again as I’m trepidatious to accept such a notion seeing as how I leave him yet again in a few days and we both move on with our respective lives but I decide to stay in the moment as God would have me do. What’s that saying? The past is history and the future is a mystery and given I’m all about God’s will and not my own I’m comfortable with not knowing what tomorrow brings but I’ll be there with open arms and open eyes 😉



We took the K-D river boat christened Stolzenfels from Koblenz to Bacharach where our castle awaits and I mean literally as I booked us into a private room at a hostel in Bacharach that is a real castle high up on the mountain! I would highly recommend this!  I would also highly recommend you take a strong man with you to carry your pack all the way up to the castle as I’m not kidding when I say high up on the mountain.  I don’t know what I would have done without Shaun who carried BOTH our packs. Probably would have given my stuff to charity at the bottom as there was no way I was missing an overnight stay in a castle!


After we settled in, we sauntered back down the mountain and explored. We came across a peach of a lady – Astrid – whose cafe boasts some incredible dishes including a roast beef and potato dumplings coated in a mushroom sauce to die for. Then we headed to Emmanuela’s bakery and took some apple strudel and Black Forest cake back to the castle and cuddled up together with a fork and my iPad in one of the bunk beds to watch a show.  (Castle and ipad in same sentence….strangely funny.) It was an utterly blissful day…oh yeah…like a fairy tale might be.

That’s all for now from Bacharach with fairy tales dancing around in my head.


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