Bacharach, Germany


My last day with my favorite travel partner didn’t disappoint as we trekked up the mountain for some Kodak moments and some playful banter. While I thought I might be sad to leave Shaun and Germany, I wasn’t. I was content in knowing that the time spent here with him and spent in Germany was like my own little fairy tale. In particular, this little village on the Rhine RiverBacharach – is in my opinion the most charming and picturesque village in all of Europe that I have seen thus far with the exception of Rhonda, Spain perhaps. I smiled and laughed and was the best version of myself here and with him and it gives me something to strive for every day.  Plus, I’m headed out tomorrow to Country No. 71 and it’s difficult to be sad and say that sentence at the same time! Setting all that aside, I would suggest that you pay just as much attention to the train schedule as you do the person you are with or risk missing your train like I did. Lol. The good news is there are many outbound trains to Frankfurt where I was headed to catch my next plane.


That’s all for now filled with the essence of charm from Bacharach, Germany where fairy tales do exist.



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