Frankfurt, Germany (Day 6)

Oh Frankfurt oh Frankfurt, how art thou Frankfurt? To be frank, Frankfurt not so good. To be fair, I only saw it pulling in on a train but it was a far cry from the fairy tale landscape I’ve seen everywhere else in Germany. But everyone’s got a Frankfurt – a blemish of some kind…a place where the homeless and hungry hang out and where the alcoholics and addicts who are now homeless and hungry hang out.  More specifically, Germany’s blemish is right in front of the Frankfurt Main Terminal – Hauptbahnhof which is where I did my overnight. There is hostel right out front of the train terminal which takes you straight to the airport terminal and it is locked up and safe and secure, where the beds are comfy, the place is spotless, has a great computer room for me to work from and they not only feed you breakfast but they feed you dinner too and the pasta was great. So if you have to stay in Frankfurt overnight, stay at Frankfurt Hostel if not for convenience and comfort then for entertainment as you can watch these crazy, high as an MF folks do their thing right below you safely from the balcony at the hostel. Just don’t, I repeat, don’t get involved. (Featured image from

That’s all for now from Germany. Goodbye. See you soon.


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