Comayagua Honduras – Day 10

Working diligently while I wait for my friend Shaun to finish his work at Palmerolo aka Soto Cano by the tranquil pool at Hotel Antigua Comayagua. Not a bad place to work I assure you. I met Ricardo and Hernando who manage the hotel who tell me Comayagua is expanding the runways at the airport to allow for commercial flights. This is really good news as I think Comayagua will be the next central location in Honduras for tourists to begin their exploration of this lovely country. It is a great location for this purpose. Muy tranquilo y linda and is better than some of the more allegedly dangerous big cities like San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa. You can visit Tegus from here and La Ceiba and Lago de Yojoa as well as coffee country in Marcala and the lovely pueblo Esperanza which are in what I refer to as Los Montanos de La Paz – The Mountains of Peace. The other name I came up with for Honduras is The Land of Waterfalls. They are everywhere!


Ricardo and Hernando and I spoke candidly about the reputation of Honduras as being one of the most violent places on earth. I cautioned them along with the numerous other Hondurans I’ve met along the way that the worst offenders of perpetuating this falsehood are the Hondurans themselves. Everywhere I go even in small communities like Comayagu, it is the Hondurans who keep saying this place is unsafe and while I know you are thinking “they should know”, I have found this to be untrue. I explain that in the 70 countries I’ve been to and in the 126 to go, there are going to be dangers but it is highly unlikely to occur on a trip here. I explain that there are going to also be dangerous people everywhere you go but this is a very small percentage just like everywhere else. I find the people here in Honduras to be incredibly kind and gentle and generous and helpful. I find that traveling in Honduras is very easy as the roads are for the most part excellent or will be by the end of the year and are certainly better than other Central American countries especially Guatemala. I find that Hondurans are less likely to take advantage of you including their taxi services and are willing to negotiate at least on the mainland where there is less tourism. I find there are a lot of adventures to be had and tranquil places to visit including Lago do Yojoa where you can stay at D&D Brewery ( and, most importantly, see Pulhapanzak Waterfalls. (Photo below from D&D Brewery.) There is ziplining over the falls, cliff diving, hidden caves behind the falls as well as climbing up the falls, swimming and hiking.  It is truly lovely here but DON’T take anything with you that you don’t want to lose or get wet because these falls are powerful and in order to enjoy them you are definitely going to do some swimming.

pulhapanzak falls的圖片搜尋結果

As for my little adventure, Shaun and I quickly fell back into step right where we left off and I am certain I have made yet another lifelong friend. He is so easy to talk to and be with and as we share a similar adventurous spirit, a ton of the same ideals and dreams, I hope to continue to meet him somewhere in the world and do some traveling together.

That’s all for now from the very safe and peaceful Comayagua.


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