Comayagua Honduras – Day 9

There are seven days in a week and someday isn’t one of them so I hopped back on a plane after my last court hearing to head back to Honduras motivated by one of the more charming reasons to travel somewhere – a “love story” as I call them. I ask pretty much everyone I meet on my travels about their “love story” – sometimes known merely as a one night stand 😉 but sometimes I hear true stories about how travelers meet under peculiar (or not so peculiar) circumstances and you guessed it… fall in love in the middle of somewhere or the middle of nowhere hence the “love story”. Some of the stories I’ve heard make you feel like your reading a book by Jane Austen and some make you feel like you are watching Deadpool but without the Ryan Reynold’s full body and facial scarring and some (like with Alex from France) are a remake of Pretty Woman as this “lover” learned his “love story” was paying for her travel around the world and to see him via!

I myself went 15 months and fell in love with people all over the world and said people have become lifelong friends and even family but I had never met someone who made the sweltering and sweaty heat feel sexy, a monsoon feel like divinity’s own personal cataratas, made skin and lips develop their own ability to experience what it’s like to miss something, made a ballad feel like it was being sung directly to you, made a breeze feel like the tips of angels’ wings brushing up against you, made it feel like the moon was full and, irrevocably so, for you and you alone, made a church whisper your name as you sauntered by or made a sunset stand perfectly still and, as unfathomable as it may seem, made you feel like you have just met yourself for the very first time. In other words, I never thought I might get my very own “love story”.


As you must know, some love stories last a night and last a lifetime at the same time i.e. for whatever reason the cliched star cross lovers never see each other again and yet never get over having seen each other the one time. Perhaps that is all they get but it might be more than most despite being just a mere moment. I (without forcing a square peg in a round hole) want to see if I can have more so I went today  towards a potential “love story” and felt exactly like one should when floating towards fate. Inexplicable? Yes. As it should be. But I can, if I had to describe it, say it was like being carried by the wind in a world where gravity no longer exists with the sound of Above & Beyond’s song “Good for me” to accompany you.

I find myself waiting patiently in the Parque Centro (my new Ravello of Honduras) in Comayagua at a table on a patio adjacent to Ricardo’s Restaurant having just ate pasta con mariscos that might bring all of Italy to its knees (but perhaps it was so good only because the potential of love makes everything taste better).


I then listlessly headed to Hotel Antigua Comayagua, found myself caught off guard by the tranquility of the evening and laid down on my back on the perimeter of the pool in order to gaze upon the most translucent of skies brightened by a full Honduran moon and found myself immersed in nostalgia from my first meeting with my potential “love story” who I met recently. Intrigued??? Yeah me too.


That’s all for now from the beautiful and peaceful Comayagua.




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