Tegucigalpa, Honduras – Day 11

While 80 lems more at 130 lems, I was convinced to take the direct shuttle bus – Cinco Estrellas – from Comayagua to Tegus where Shaun’s transport deposited him this morning as this is his last weekend in Honduras before heading to his next contract in Trier, Germany. We arrived safely despite having to make our way around a few cows sauntering in the streets!


Anyway, Shaun suggested the very expensive Hotel Maya Honduras www.hondurasmaya.hn/ as those from Soto Cano get a hefty discount. (Unfortunately, but don’t tell him as I don’t want him to feel bad, the hotel did not honor the discounted price! Shame on them!) Having said that, it was a lovely hotel in a safe neighborhood with incredible views of Tegus, the mountains and the statue of Jesus de Cristo and I would recommend it if you are coming here.


It has been a VERY long time since I have slept on a comfortable bed. Even the cheap full bed I share with my daughter Lexi back in Houston could really use an upgrade. In addition to it having a fantastic bed, fantastic views, a fantastic shower, large room, etc. -which in and of itself is enough to make you want to hang out there – I hadn’t realized how long it had been since I was truly comfortable like “under blankies” instead of “blankets” which I think makes sense to most of you. We took advantage of this and just got snuggly that first day in Tegus. People always feel like if they do that on vacation – even for just one day – that they are somehow wasting precious time. I still feel this way sometimes too. It is the ever burdensome concept of time weighing down on our shoulders and time’s formidable hand clenching it’s fingers around our throats. Let go of this debilitating falsehood and relax. Spend the whole day in that bed if you want to whether alone or with a significant other. Order food and eat it in bed if you want.  Take a long hot shower and then climb back in that bed with wet hair and all (talk about snuggly as those “blankies” warm you up again!) It may just be the refresher you need to keep on keeping on. It certainly was for me.

That’s all for now with a much needed break from Tegus.


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