Tegucigalpa, Honduras – El Salto de Angel – Day 12


Exploration is the name of the game. It is the reason I’m on this journey. And we got a heavy dose of just that today. We knew we wanted to see El Salto de Angel Waterfalls but no one knew where it was including Google! We had an understanding that it was off the main highway CA 5 and it was north of Tegus but that was it. Water bottles and backpacks in hand, we had our driver, Jose Ramirez, set out on somewhat of a scavenger hunt of sorts and for $100USD he was game and boy this guy never gave up. We didn’t give up either and it paid serious dividends. Not only was the trek incredible yet easy but at the top waterfall we had sunshine and climbed all over the rocks next to this powerful gift from Mother Nature. We were later greeted on the hike down to the 2nd and 3rd lower pools by thunderous roar after thunderous roar reverberating off the canyon walls and by the time we reached the bottom we were drenched. As such, we removed some of that wet clothing and climbed in for a swim all the while pelted by water  from the sky and water from the falls. Romantic? Depends on whether being covered in mud, being caught in the arms of a man when you start to slip down the side of a mountain, thunderstorms, waterfalls, swimming barely clad, etc. is romantic to you.  I have had worse days 😉





That’s all for now from El Salto Falls with a wink, a GIGANTIC smile as I fondly remember one of my top 5 days on this journey.



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