Hong Kong (Day 3)

Today I ventured out to learn more about HK and found myself in love with a big city for the first time in a long time. I took the Peak Tram (a/k/a funicular) up to Victoria Peak to view the city at its highest point – 360 degrees of it – on top of the Sky Terrace for $90HK and while the line was long the views were breathtaking. I enjoyed some more delicious dim sum and purchased like 300 grams of candy too! Turns out you are not hungry for more Chinese food here after you eat as they don’t put that MSG in it like Americans do but dim sum will make you crave more of “dim sum” sweets!



I then made my way to the famous outdoor covered escalators at 100 Queen’s Road and Cochran. They stretch for 800 meters and ascend over 135 meters and cost $245mm Hong Kong dollars to build and despite the controversy over building same, they have over 55,000 patrons who use the system daily. Brilliant.

And no trip to HK is complete without a somewhat abusive and unbelievably painful Chinese massage which would put the Thai people to shame but I’m guessing after the bruising disappears I won’t have a muscle ache for a long time to come. If you can stand it, go see Amy at Relaxing Foot Massage on the 13th Floor of the Jade Center at 98 Wellington St. and if you can’t handle the pain, get a relaxing foot massage instead.


And as if the day could get any better, I took the short 8 minute night ferry for $.28 cents from Central Pier to Tsim Sha Tsui Pier to see the Symphony of Lights and oh what a symphony it was! Incredibly beautiful little ferry boat ride through one of the harbors with its 44 lit up waterfront buildings of Kowloon and Hong Kong. It puts Vegas to shame in my opinion!

As do the fashionistas – as I refer to the young Chinese women living here in Hong Kong – as they are hands down the best dressed women in the world. A lot of them look like they live at Chanel – classy, sophisticated but sexy too.  I all of a sudden want to latch onto one and have her take me shopping. I haven’t cared about how I look for 17 months until today and let me tell you, I need a spa, hair salon and shopping spree and soon! You men will want to latch on too as I’ve seen some of the most astonishingly beautiful women in the world today.

Finally, I ended the night at Temple Street Night Market and had street vendor food I could barely shovel in fast enough. Udon and pork for $45HK – you can’t beat it.

And for those of you who can’t pass up a good market and a little tawdriness, you will love Temple Street which will get you anything you want from knock off handbags to sex toys and crabs (the kind you want and the kind you don’t want if you get my drift!) And no one will mess with you here like in other countries. They don’t harass you to buy anything and apparently – at least I’m told – there is little to no crime here so you are safe as can be.

That’s all for now from a city I adore – Bring it on Hong Kong!


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