Siargao, Phillipines (Day 4)


There are approximately 7,106 (or even more) islands that make up the Philippines. I’ve done 2 of the islands thus far. Siargao is number 3 but high on the list of my fave places in the world. Number 1 reason is the surf which I now love!

My flight left at 7:45 a.m. for Siargao so yet another 5:00 a.m. wake up call but fantastic choice as I had a really relaxing day on a very beautiful island. I splurged here spending $21USD a night at Patrick’s on the Beach where I got an unbelievable private bungalow, my own shower, good food and my toes in the sand outside my front door not to mention an ocean of bath water temperature. Sheer perfection. Laid back.

Met lots of great people here and, in particular, you won’t find much kinder people in the world than the Filipinos. In fact, they have bypassed the Scottish and Vietnamese. And boy can they sing! They start young with classes and a lot of them have impressive singing voices.  My new friends from Germany, Eltje and Josephina, and my friend, Mit, from the U.K. got a real taste of this at a live free performance at Viento Del Mar which happens every Tuesday night on the island and everyone comes together like a family to drink, eat and jam.

I wasn’t sure that many people were on the island right now because it was so quiet today. Turns out that ISIS is in their full murderous swing on the other side of the island keeping tourists away. Mindanoa is a Muslim city and ISIS wants it and are trying to take it but they are not here where we are so the surfing goes on. Speaking of surfing. Tomorrow is a big day. I’m going to surf the famous Cloud 9!

The last song I here before leaving Viento is “Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there” and I smile at the thought.  My smile remains as a storm passes through as Arnil drives me and 3 other people on his habal habal back to our respective accommodations. We are laughing as we get stuck in the mud and the locals are pushing the tiny motor bike with 4 people on it out of the mud. Don’t you just love an adventure! Speaking of motor bikes, BEWARE OF PURCHASING COCA COLA AND PEPSI PRODUCTS FROM A STAND ON THE STREETS. True story – what do you need to make a motorbike go? Easy: petro. Guess how these guys store and sell petroleum products? In old plastic Coca Cola and Pepsi bottles. You just pull up to a wooden stand or shack, open the gas tank and dump it from the bottle into the tank. Take some to go for a long journey. Dare ya. In fact, forget to tell your friends that little tip I just gave you and take some “Cola” to go. (Don’t do that…I’m only joking.)  I’m certain this was not the marketing ploy both Coca Cola and Pepsi had in mind or paid billions for but could be effective depending on whether the regular or the premium gas is in your particular brand’s bottle.

That’s all for now from the beautiful vibe of Siargao!


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