Marcala, Honduras – Day 13



You may remember my friend Neto who I met a few weeks ago back in Roatan. Well now I’ve been invited to his home situated on a coffee plantation in Marcala to meet his wife and children now known as my Honduran family – Neto, Elena, Carmen (15 years old), Ernesto, Jr. (12 years old), Anna (7 years old) and Jenny (4 years old) not to mention, the rest of Neto’s extended family and his sheep – all of whom stole my heart especially the children! I wanted to steal them and take them home with me!


Just so you know THIS is by far the coolest thing one can do. Stay with a family in a foreign country. You’ve heard me say it before like with Patricia in Brazil over Thanksgiving and I’m saying it again. See the country from the local perspective with people who honor you with an invitation to their home and, if possible, return the favor.

Today I left Tegus and headed by bus to Marcala where I met my new family, had the best home cooked meal I’ve had in Honduras and even fed the sheep before falling asleep ironically counting sheep and preparing for the big exploration of this part of the country and, none other than, my first Temazcal experience 🙂

That’s all for now from a coffee plantation in Marcala. Lucky little girl I certainly am.


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