Marcala, Honduras (Day 15)


Today we journeyed towards the Gigantes to see some unique cave and, of course, more of the incredible cascades that decorate Honduras and as little 4 year old Jenny wasn’t able to attend school today, she was our special guide for the day! Guillermo was with us today too and he is one of my fave people to date!




There is something great about being with the locals that you just can’t get as a tourist and that is the KEYS to the proverbial forbidden city and today I mean that almost literally. Las Cuevas de Gigantes are prohibido but not for us thanks to Neto and Guillermo knowing absolutely everyone here in coffee plantation land. But when you don’t have a ladder into the prohibido place… well…. make one and good luck…hehehe.

And did I promise waterfalls???? Here you go…


And more waterfalls…

And more waterfalls…


And more waterfalls…I mean iguanas and rattlesnakes….

Another thing you are not likely to get or at least know to get without the locals are things like iguana soup but my boys hooked me up. It was delicious right up to the moment when I saw a rattlesnake in a jar on the kitchen counter and began to think there might be more to this recipe than was initially hinted. Yikes!!



That’s all for now from the Land of Waterfalls!




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