Esperanza, Honduras (Day 16)

The name says it all. How can you not love a town called Esperanza! Esperanza means Hope. I learned this long ago when my daughter’s father used to clandestinely and with diligent obfuscation refer to something he had to do all the time as Esperanza. It wasn’t until later I learned what he had to “do” was a girl named Hope. This, however, doesn’t negatively impact my opinion of the word Esperanza or, for that matter, my opinion of this lovely Honduran town. In fact, we – Tia Mereen, Guillermo, Neto, Jenny and I – had a charming day walking around this charming town and treating ourselves to a boatload of Honduran pastries as we said our final goodbyes before I caught the bus to San Pedro Sula for my flight home tomorrow. Esperanza now means to me “I HOPE all good things for my Honduran family and I HOPE to return someday to Honduras to see them again!”

That’s all for now from Esperanza sending a little hope and love from me to all of you.



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