San Pedro Sula, Honduras (Day 17)

If you must go to SAP stay outside the city and stay at the Hostel Hamaca. It’s safe there and the staff is awesome and the dorms are clean and spacious and they will help you plan pretty much any adventure in Central America you can think of. In fact, given that, it might just be a great place to start. Best thing about a hostel can be this type of help. Plus, it’s relatively close to the airport and has a good little Mexican food place next door. Last but not least, it has the first and best “mirror” I’ve seen in Central America! Not having mirrors can be a good thing. I mean after awhile on the road, I’m not sure you want to know what you look like!

That’s all for now from San Pedro Sula. Goodbye Honduras. Goodbye Central America. Thank you sooooo much for your hospitality. Lets let the Honduran dolphins take it from here…. 🙂 (Video provided by Roberto from Sea Grape Divers, Roatan, Honduras.)




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