London, United Kingdom

I’ve been to England several times at this point. In fact, I think this is my 4th time. It’s a WOW city from top to bottom including the diversity of the people which is my favorite part (but set to be dismantled if Brexit and the immigration laws have anything to say about it). Plus, everything is so much more modern and technically advanced than even the US like the swipe your card (your contact list?). You can take a car from the street, do yoga, get on the train or buy anything…swipe swipe or rather tap tap. It was so convenient and expedites everything.

Anyway, my first few trips to the city included sightseeing all the must sees from Big Ben, the London Eye, Piccadilly Circus, Westminster Abby, Buckingham Palace, Hampton Court and, of course, to one of my favorite places to visit in the world being a nut for European history – London Tower. Go there for sure once in your life, pay the extra money for a yeomen (guide) and you will learn about Henry and the beheading of Ann Bolin, the twins buried in the stairs, where Humpty Dumpty came from and so many stories about Kings and Queens and prisoners and the rest of the incredibly interesting and rich history that exists here. It’s truly an entertaining experience especially if you get the funny yeomen which I did my first trip to London with my mom so many years ago.

This trip to London, however, was to see friends that I’ve met all over the world on my RTW tour including Rooms aka Amira who was my berth mate on the expedition boat to Antarctica; Connor who I met during a bomb scare on a train from Belgium to Amsterdam; Sabin who I met in the Maldives snorkeling; and Renato who I met in Croatia through our mutual friend Ada who lives in New Zealand. I came here to see them and to see a different side of London – the one these folks live in everyday and I did just that.


From hot yoga at Fierce Grace to a leisurely lunch of fish and chips and some window shopping at Camden Market to a comedy show at the Angel Comedy Club to a professional field hockey game and even to the superb musical “Kinky Boots” in West End, I got to know the real London and loved loved loved it! I even saw some of the England that comes straight from a Jane Austen novel – the rolling green countryside under a blue sky speckled with white clouds on a rare sunny English day and the cute cottages dispersed throughout the countryside outside the city. It was lovely..all of it…London just rules and particularly when the weather is fantastic like it was the entire week I was there.



Trust me when I say that yes it’s important to learn the history and to do the sightseeing in London, but go get you some of that underbelly of London! You are bound to love it. Merely as an example – where else can you participate in a naked bike ride for charity and have the promotional materials and/or media go ahead and put that nudity right out there for everyone to see 😉


That’s all for now from the WOW of London!



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