Trier, Germany (Day 2)

Gladiators and half clad men in diaper-like clothing covering only the essentials while sword fighting? Yeah I’m in! I attended Romerfest today which is a festival at the Kaiser Thermann baths celebrating German ancestry aka what it was like in Trier when the Romans ruled the area centuries ago.


After experiencing this and taking a quick peek at Trier’s amphitheater, I walked back to Porto Nigra to meet Shaun (see above photo of Porto Nigra but with stage). We learned there was an outdoor concert to enjoy on this lovely Trier night featuring Fury of the Slaughterhouse. While the main band was good, it was the Chris Miller like voice earlier on in the evening that caught my attention as so many beautiful voices have throughout my journey across the world.

Outdoor concerts are a must when you find one while out traveling just as gelato is a must particularly in Haupfmarkt (see featured photo and below photos), so we did both. And while I don’t drink now, I can certainly recommend that you don’t forget while in Germany to try their beer and, in particular, Franziskaner Weissebeir as if I had to remind you!  German beer is second only to beer from the Czech Republic. Why second in my opinion? Well only because pilsner (which the Germans are known for) actually originated from a town in modern day Czech Republic and so is in fact a Czech beer.  Most people probably did not know that.  I didn’t know until I visited the Czech Republic last year.

That’s all for now from where the old world and the new world meet – Trier.



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