Hong Kong (Day 4)

And then there was rain! Today’s attempt to hike up to the Big Buddha on Lantau Island and take the glass floored gondola down that my friends did yesterday when it was bright and sunny out was met with a setback or two. 1) rain 2) visa to mainland China needed to be picked up. No worries for me as I’ve seen the Big Buddha in Bangkok and I’m going to mainland China!! (In other words, I’m very likely going to see a few things including Buddhas that are more than 25 years old.) But for those of you who only get this opportunity once and it comes while in HK, here is some information and photographs from my friends’ adventure yesterday.

Take the MTR to Tung Chung station and take a round trip on the gondola for $125HK. Or, even better, hike up if it’s beautiful out and ride down. That was my plan. If you don’t want to hike much, you’ll still get some exercise climbing the 268 steps up to the top so fill your bellies with fuel and try the fish balls and fried noodles from the street vendor at the base. Sounds like an acquired taste but actually is quite a good delicacy. If you are going to hike it, I’m told that doing it before sunrise is best. It’s supposedly a 3 hr hike. I climbed Sri Phada in Sri Lanka leaving at around midnight to summit by sunrise last year and it was one of the greatest experiences of my round the world journey and highly recommend it. The landscape around the Big Buddha in Lantau is said to be worth every one of those pre-sunrise steps. (Photo below by cruisingcouple.com)

a crusing couple

That’s all for now with a shout from HK wishing it was from Lantau.


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