Kaohsiung, Taiwan – Day 9

Kaohsiung is any easy place to navigate by comparison to the rest of the country. Why? English is periodically used here as I’ve said and the people are friendlier and more accommodating. I ran into problem after problem in Kaohsiung but it is a good place to be when that happens! I left my phone on a train. I got it back. I booked the wrong day for my high speed rail back to Taipei. Fixed. I had contradicting information about location of the Airbnb I booked in Matsu. They found a girl named Maggie in Matsu who spoke English and got correct property address confirmed.


In particular, the La Hotel Liuheyeshe on Nanhua Road is the place to book if you can afford $50USD/night. The staff speak English, are kind and I’m ever so grateful for all of them and the help they provided me. Same for the Visitor Center at Kaohsiung Main Station and Iris at Zuoying Station ticket counter and Stanley at Wang’s, Benson at Maison and Jessie at Hera’s as well as the little princess she watched over during the day of mimicked every word I said in English. Good thing I don’t curse much 😉 Just great people. In addition to the staff at the hotel, the rooms are huge and have a frig, coffee pot, great bed to name a few, bathrooms are huge and have rain showers and any amenity you might need and the food is good and you know how it goes LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION i.e. in the heart of the city next to the famous night market and right next to Formosa Blvd MRT Station so you can get where you want to go relatively easily.

But now back to Taipei via the High Speed Rail (HSR) which cost $1409NTS or $46USD and was easy to purchase online. The trip to Cross the entire length of the island? One hour and 59 mins to cross the whole country! Didn’t feel that way heading south down the east coast. To see my folks in Dallas from Houston takes twice that time. Amazing when you think about. Fast and comfortable train ride and my office for the day or should I say for 2 hrs of the day.

Headed back to Diary of Taipei (the No. 152 Joungzhan Rd location…remember that). Headed back to my fave restaurant – Dim Sum Line. Headed back to work some and sleep a lot! I’m really tired and I haven’t even made it to Red China yet and if you think Taiwan is difficult due to the language barrier well it’s nothing like the mainland I’m told.

That’s all for now from Taiwan.


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