Xian, China – Day 8


Travel day! Just kidding about the exclamation point there. I’m not a huge fan of China but probably because I need a fan! It is so damn hot here in July or perhaps I’m just very cranky today.  I have been reduced to drinking Monster in Red China as I can’t find Red Bull – the European/American one – and perhaps Monster does “Unleash the Beast” in me. I’ve been rude to several people today for which I am a little ashamed. But what airline in the world other than Schenzen doesn’t allow airplane mode? And when does someone other than a Chinese guy didactically and aggressively point at his phone and then “tattle tale” on you because your phone is on airplane mode rather than off? And what other country (other than the Philippines) takes absolutely everything out of your bag and just starts throwing shit away? I lost 2 more lighters, the gadget that tightens my eyeglasses, matches I grabbed as a souvenir, child scissors from my first aid kit for bandages, nail file and nail clippers I got in the Maldives, you name it. If we were to crash and get stranded on an island like in Lost, we’d all be f%#>ed. (Sorry….this is a diary as much as an informative blog so bear with me when I vent!)

Picked a hotel in Xi’an because the airport bus stops in front of it. NOT. Was forced to hire another taxi or suffer immeasurably with this pack in this heat again at another hit for $150 yuan instead of $26 yuan. Ugh! Ignore me. Anger is festering. I’ll be better after……well after I leave China probably. I hate when I can’t give my honest and solemn and unimpeachable asseveration in support of a country or of a people. But I do affirm that when I use the universal language (a smile), it generally works towards getting one in return…even here…I just haven’t been smiling that much lately. Again, probably the heat and the sheer magnitude of the population and the number of tourists mixed in with the billions of locals.


Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend staying at the Jiefang at $282 yuan/night. Not because it’s particularly clean or has anything special to offer but because you can grab buses, metros, etc. across the street and there are more grocery stores in a 3 block radius than in the entire state of Texas I believe.

For me, I just keep holding onto the reasons I’m here….repeating over and over…Terracotta Warriors and Huashan. It helps me to focus on the good stuff which is important when yet another handful of Chinese people choke on their phlegm and spit it on the street…well I wish they would choke…just kidding…sort of…

Know this – just because I’m feeling a little downtrodden on any given day, should not be a reflection of whether you should come here because, remember, it’s just another adventure and in the end, despite one or two difficult travel days, I saw some things in China which will blow your mind.

That’s all for now from Xi’an.


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