Beijing, The Great Wall of China, Olympic Park – Day 15


I sprang from my tent at 4:45 a.m. as if I was 7 years old and it was Christmas Day. I wrapped myself in my sleeping bag and found a place where no one else was to watch the sunrise from the Great Wall of China and instead was greeted by what had to be yet another glimpse of heaven. I’ve seen glimpses before in Antarctica, in Albania, in Chile, in Thailand, in Germany, in the smiles of people – and most especially of children – around the world and again this morning on the Great Wall of China. I have felt Heaven in and around me on more occasions than I can count on this journey – an inner peace akin to a warm sleeping bag of God’s loving arms pulling you to his chest similar to the sleeping bag I donned this very morning. It doesn’t have to be a view like this one in a place like this but certainly easier to see and feel here.

After a hysterical, Breakfast Club walk on the Wall, we enjoyed a slow but placid hike down given the camping gear and slippery loose rocks. We then boarded the shuttle bus and headed to the grand palatial Olympic Park in Beijing and pride doesn’t even begin to cover the people of China’s feelings about this place and rightfully so. This place is nothing less than a work of art.

I ended the night having Korean Hot Pot with friends of a mutual friend. I obtained a great deal of information regarding politics and an over abundance of whatever the opposite of asseveration would be regarding “westerners”…allegedly. It was educational.

That’s all for now from Beijing with a mind centered in history and a quest to learn more about the present.


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