Isle of Skye, Scotland – Day 1 (Armadale Castle, Black Cullens and Elgol)


Where lakes are lochs, where farms are steadings, where bays are firths, where eileans are islands, where meadows are glens and where mountains are definitely not molehills but munros and where the color green needs its own new name.  There is a majestic beauty here in the Isle of Skye around every corner.  From waterfall to waterfall and rainbow to rainbow – you truly won’t believe your eyes.

Rainbows of ScotlandScottish Rainbows

How to see Scotland properly you ask? By motor vehicle – a Kia 4×4 is the way we are doing it.


When I say “we” I mean me and my parents – my Mom a/k/a Lita, short for Abuelita, and my Papa, short for Papa ;).

My parents first brought me to Scotland – which is their favorite country – back in 2011. We stayed in Linlithgow as our base back then and toured Edinburgh, the Borders, Falkirk near Glasgow and Perth and even played a little golf at St. Andrews so it makes perfect sense that when they were headed back to do the Highlands, the Isle of Skye, the Cairngorms and Glencoe that we would all go together. After all, my mother is  largely responsible for my wanderlust and it’s because of her invigorating stories that I have now been to 74 countries out of the 197 there are (according to the state department) and have made it my life goal to see all 197. But when my Scottish friends asked me if Scotland was one of the 74 countries I had been to and I said yes and told them where I had traveled in Scotland, they all matter of factly replied “You have not been to Scotland”. Turns out that the reason for this is if you don’t go to northern Scotland to the Highlands, then you are missing the best part of Scotland so here I am again.


So, on Day 1, we headed out from our lovely cottage in Dornie on our single track road to see the ruins of Armadale Castle and its gardens.

We then journeyed through by the Sound of Sleat, the Black Cullens (where hikers/climbers train for Everest) and on to Elgol and – as we did every day – we passed by this charming boat which reeks of a story just dying to be told. And, while you should delve into Scotland’s rich history and all of its stories, not just the one that little blue boat tells, such as the stories of Mary Queen of Scots, the Battle of Culloden where the Jacobites lost the revolution and William Wallace’s fight for freedom and while you should stop and see castles, brilliant gardens where every plant and tree from around the world will grow and the small towns dotted with white houses and double chimneys, the magic of Scotland is undoubtedly in its landscape. In fact, my impression of northern Scotland thus far can be summed up in one phrase – God was showing off when he created Scotland. The photos herein are just a wee taste of what I’m talking about as you will see over the next few weeks.




That’s all for now from the Isle of Skye. Enjoy.



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