Isle of Skye, Scotland – Day 3 (Old Man of Storr, Kilt Rock, Sound of Rassay)

Old Man of Storr

Let’s continue our journey through Eden otherwise known as Scotland where the sun and the clouds poetically dance, where coastline meets cliff side a/k/a Kilt Rock and where the Old Man of Storr resides (rather than the old man is snoring…which keeps running through my head) and where there must be little fairies in The Faerie Glens and Faerie Pools (a few of whom came back with us…lol) – that’s what this day had in “Storr” for us.


Firstly, you cannot pass up this road trip while in the Isle of Skye which is, in large part,  called the Sound of Rassay.


It was my favorite day thus far. Why? Well, today, I got to get out of the car and do some hiking both up to the Old Man of Storr and down a seaside cliff looking back at Kilt Rock and enjoyed the kind of views that will take your breath away including waterfalls like Lealt Falls that beckon you to just dive right in. In fact, one legendary view from today of the coastline (see above) made it into the top ten views of my trip around the world along with Mirador Del Torres in Torres de Paine, Chile and one I witnessed while cross country skiing in Antarctica. All I can say is beauty abounds here so, if you can, leave that Kia Sportage Hertz rental car, that motor home, motorcycle or bus and start hiking BUT bring a poncho and some water proof pants with you when you go! Due to being displaced by Hurricane Harvey, I didn’t have my Outdoor Research waterproof pants or my KÜHL waterproof jacket from REI and boy did I miss them.

Kilt Rock


Kilt Rock

Photograph by Marc Christensen

I didn’t, however, miss the fairies from the Faerie Glens. As I said above, we thought these little magical (and – come to find out – not so enchanting,) creatures may have jumped into our KIA and headed back with us to our Island Bay Cottage in Dornie. For instance, Papa – who is maniacal about putting his keys in the same place every time and knows exactly who he gave them to last IF he’s even willing to part with them – suddenly lost the keys. This, in and of itself, doesn’t scream “MAGICAL FAIRIES HID OUR KEYS” but finding them not just on the bed or under the comforter but INSIDE the sewn shell of the comforter, at least whispers “magical fairies friggin’ hid our keys”.

Faerie Pools

In all seriousness, the Faerie Glens and Faerie Pools are worth the risk of being teased by the fairies and would be a real miss for you all visiting the Isle of Skye if you didn’t make it there. You’ll find this delightful little glen covered with miniature grassy cone shaped hills, miniature trees and miniature lakes and you will be almost certain it’s home for the otherworldly (i.e. our little fairies). Moreover, you’ll be certain the crystal clear blue Faerie Pools are taunting you into a swim in their icy cold water as well. If you’re going to fall for that siren, may I recommend the aforementioned waterproof pants and jacket for the dip rather than merely your bikini or swim trunks.


Fairy Glens

Photograph by Marc Christensen

As you can see from the photograph with the cars, the Fairy Glens really are fairy-sized!

We ended the evening at a Scottish Pub in the charming town of Portree before heading home.


View from Old Man of Storr by Suzanne J. DuBose on an Olympus Digital Camera

That’s all for now full of laughter and love in the Isle of Skye.



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  1. Paul 1 year ago

    You are inspiring! So glad we met.

    Paul D
    Houston, TX

    1. Suzanne J. DuBose 10 months ago

      Thank you so much. The Isle of Skye is truly lovely isn’t it. One of the most beautiful landscapes on earth!