Plockton, Scotland – Day 5

Photo by Marc Christensen – Isle of Skye

Hi ya from Scotland as the Scots say.  The Isle of Skye and the charming town of Plockton is out of my grasp today. I, unfortunately, have to work all day. Work in the Isle of Skye is difficult as it is because you want to go explore but particularly so as internet and phone service is practically nonexistent here. So if you must have access to those two things, plan on having a back up or two. One back up might be a couple of SIM cards from perhaps the EE and Vodaphone and the other backup might be a hotel or pub or a pub in a hotel that has some wifi that works. Third, and probably best back up plan, is don’t work while in the Isle of Skye. But while difficult and time consuming, I Redbull‘d up and did complete my work and now can carry on with my parents in our exploration of this dynamic landscape and all the other things Scotland has to offer.


But here is what I missed today compliments of a very talented photographer, Marc Christensen.

That’s all for now from Dornie and Plockton.


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