Scotland – Day 7 (Loch Ness Monster, Drumnadrochit, Inverness, Invermorsten Falls and Urquart Castle)

Loch Ness in Drumnadrochit

Photograph by Suzanne J. DuBose with an Olympus Digital Camera

When traveling here one cannot, of course, bypass the most reputed legend in all of Scotland – the elusive Loch Ness monster – Nessie. So we headed to Drumnadrochit after first stopping at the Invermorsten Falls for a look see.

Then we stopped at the vast ruins of the fortress/castle of Urquart. Urquart dates as far back as 580 AD and may have been visited by St. Columbo himself. It has so much history and has been fought over for centuries and exchanged hands multitudinous times.

My favorite part was seeing the engravings and the dates thereof that still remain to this day in the walls of these ruins and, of course, the view of the great Loch Ness.

As anyone would do, my focus kept turning to the famous Loch Ness situated at the foot of Urquart.  I photograph the loch all the while surveying it through my zoomed Olympus Digital camera lens hoping for my own sighting of Nessie.

Loch Ness

Photo by Suzanne J. DuBose with an Olympus Digital Camera

Like many before me I was disappointed but if you want the best chance of a sighting, I would recommend going on one of the sonar boats on an expedition of sorts in search of Nessie. It is very popular and could make for a fun excursion. The likelihood of you seeing Nessie isn’t much improved by doing this but who doesn’t like a little fantasy, adventure and imagination in their lives. For us, it was a day of intermittent downpours and we were loathed to be on a boat that day so we passed on this opportunity but you definitely shouldn’t!

Invermorsten Bridge

Photo by Suzanne J. DuBose with an Olympus Digital Camera

Note that the trip to Drumnadrochit was filled with its own scares here and there despite not seeing the Loch Ness Monster, as we saw several horrifying car accidents while driving in the area and experienced a lot of close calls ourselves despite the upmost care my Papa (see above photo) took while driving and despite his respect for the speed zones and despite the safety of the Kia Sportage we rented from Hertz. This is because there are many twisty and winding turns in Scotland and should be treated with care particularly on the single track roads which are widely in use here (no, whatever the opposite of a “pun” is, intended 😉

Single Track Roads

Photo by Suzanne J. DuBose with an Olympus Digital Camera

Keeping in mind that you may be a safe driver yourself but like everywhere else in the world there are idiots in abundance on the road and Scotland is no different. The idiots here however are more likely to end their life and yours tragically on these dangerous mountain roads though. The accidents we saw were monumental including cars that had taken one of those twisty turns too fast, running straight into the mountain and/or flipping their car and/or sliding down the ravine.  So enjoy the breathtaking Scottish scenery for sure but, drivers, eyes on the speedometer and the road!

After every storm comes a rainbow

Photo by Suzanne J. DuBose with an Olympus Digital Camera

That’s all for now from our journey around Loch Ness.



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