Nairobi, Kenya aka Magical Kenya – Day 1


Christmas in Kenya

Photograph by Suzanne J. DuBose

Jambo and a very Merry Christmas from Country 75 – Kenya!

Worst thing about traveling on my Round the World Tour is standing in customs line after a 14 hour flight with all the BO and unbrushed teeth…including my own! I KNOW ALL YOU LONG DISTANCE TRAVELERS CAN RELATE! But Qatar Airways took great care of me in route by putting me in the exit row with nothing but legroom where I caught up on my sleep undisturbed but not until after I ate their Christmas turkey dinner.  I wasn’t expecting that festive treat. Thanks Qatar Airways.

The next leg from Doha to Nairobi was more difficult even though only an additional 5.5 hours on Qatar Airways. I was in the seat by the window but in front of the exit row so my seat didn’t recline and this HUGE guy in front of me reclined all the way – talk about claustrophobia! I couldn’t eat or watch television but could definitely give the guy in front of me a decent haircut with no trouble. I’m not complaining though because the ladies at Qatar fixed me up yet again with a new seat and the total flight to Nairobi was a mere $377USD. I found it on the Skyscanner app as I always do and always recommend you do.

Magical Kenya

When landing at Jomo Kenyatta first thing after obtaining visa and obtaining the proper currency- Kenyan Shillings (conversion is approximately $1,000 ksh to $10.00 USD), was to get a taxi at the official taxi stand inside the airport to my accommodation – Sarova Panafric in Nairobi’s city center. Taxi was 2500 shillings or $25/USD.  I always stay at a nice, more expensive hotel for the first few days in a new country so I can get my bearings and make a plan of must sees and must dos and Sarova Panafric is the best place to do it. The staff are great, the internet connection is perfect, the food was fantastic and they helped me with whatever I needed.

If you have ever read my blog before, you know what the two first things are that I have to do when landing in a new country – find my wings – Red Bull and stay connected for work and the blog – a SIM card.  Both of which were easy in Kenya.

So what have I learned so far?

The Kenyan people are absolutely amazing! I love it when they help you and say “Now you are all sorted”.  And with that accent too.  I believe their accent is the most pleasant I’ve heard throughout the world. It doesn’t hurt that I can understand them as they speak English here. But, just fyi, it’s beautiful in Swahili too. Anyway, we shall see over the next few weeks if the Kenyans make it into my top 5 list for kindness of people but let me say they have certainly are in the running. They made it already into one of my top 5s i.e. the tallest men along with the Croatians.


Another thing I learned is Kenyans are environmentally conscious ie no plastic bags in Kenya. They are taken from you at the airport and you won’t find one in site except the one duty free one I inadvertently slipped by them.  Whoops!  Looking forward to seeing how this works out while shopping.

That’s all for now from this sleepy traveler from Magical Kenya.  Tomorrow I will start on my newest adventure….safari….so check back in.



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